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Women For Women is a global organisation that runs year-long programmes to support women across eight countries affected by conflict and war. They bring women together in a safe space to learn life, business and vocational skills, increasing their ability to earn an income within their community. They also learn about legal rights, health and family planning. By utilising skills, knowledge and resources the women are able to create sustainable change for themselves, their families, and communities.

The core team have always been impressed and awed at the work of Women For Women:

  • The average woman that has completed their programme has seen a five-fold increase of income, from £0.19 per day at enrolment to £0.92 per day by graduation, and £1.11 per day two years later.


  • At enrolment, only 4% of women felt equipped to stop violence against them. By graduation, this figure had increased to 31% of women, rising further to 44% two laters later.

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers focuses on providing employability workshops to train refugees for the UK workplace. They also partner with the private sector to provide work placements, internships and full-time work. The goal is to pair refugee workers with the right job that is commensurate with their skills and that pays a London living wage. They also look to help integrate refugees into local communities by providing English language training, a mentoring programme, career advice and guidance. Unemployment levels in refugee communities remain above 50%. By offering them the same opportunities as everyone else, Breaking Barriers aims to empower refugees to rebuild their lives.

Meeting with Breaking Barriers was illuminating. When refugees enter the UK they are granted "Asylum Seeker" status which could last for up to five years. During this time, they are prevented from working, cannot bring their families over, and are moved around every few months to prevent them from settling. They are given a very small weekly stipend from the government and little clarity on forward timing. We support Breaking Barriers because they understand that even with the difficult journey behind them, the real challenge of finding a home, a job and education is still to be faced by refugees.

Just Bread

Just Bread is a programme led by volunteers at the Refugee Council that offers refugee women and female asylum seekers training in artisan bread baking. A series of workshops are currently provided by a professional baker at the E5 Bakehouse in London. After each series ends, Just Bread provides ongoing support for work placements and employment. They are looking to source their own space and hire a dedicated baker to expand their outreach. 

One very special part of the Just Bread program is that the participants function in a group of the same ten people for eight weeks. In addition to the training, women can build relationships with others relate to some of the challenges unique to refugees in the UK.  This becomes a valuable support group for women at one of the most challenging times of their lives.

Bread & Roses

This charity's name takes inspiration from a slogan by American pioneer socialist and feminist Rose Schneiderman: women in low-paid jobs need more than just basics – the bread – to survive; they deserve dignity, respect and the opportunity to flourish – the roses – too.

Bread & Roses is a social enterprise that trains refugee women in floristry, giving them the space to learn English, develop employment skills and friendships, and build confidence. Their mission statement is: "to empower women and support them into jobs where they feel valued".

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