Cooking Workshop

The Journey continues in London's Cactus Kitchens...

On an early morning in mid-November, just before we got swept up in the Christmas season, the Extraordinary Journey creators gathered in the utensil-envy-inducing Cactus Kitchens for a day of extraordinary flavors and cooking, led by CFG members Jessica Bride and Giulia Mule. The day began with a lesson in specialty coffee from Taylors coffee expert Jamie Ball. Coffee has over 1000 volatile and non-volatile flavours (that is more than wine!) so Jamie introduced us to the SCAA Coffee Tasters' Flavor Wheel which aids us all in communicating the tastes we like so much. 


Our content creators - turned chefs for the day under the expertise of career restaurateur Jessica - then made their own Ethiopian-Berber spice mixes (inspired by the flavors of one of Taylors origin countries), learned tricks about how to cook meat, roasted acorn squash and learned to plate a gorgeous lentil dish thanks to the styling talents of Giulia. The entire day went off without a hitch (if you ignore the hilarious part where we all went streaming out of the room because the Berbere spices smoked up the place once they hit the frying pans.)


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