Storytelling Workshop

The Extraordinary Journey begins in Harrogate...

After months of planning and excitement, our content creators gathered in Harrogate on October 14th to kick off the start of our Extraordinary Journey. At the Taylors HQ, we learned more about the company's history, their work with the Rainforest Alliance and efforts towards building sustainable communities for their suppliers of teas and coffees. We admired the crazy sipping skills of their tea masters and wandered their factory floors. After a fantastic dinner at Norsk in Harrogate, it was time for our first creative workshop at the beautiful Rudding Park. CFG members Jess Henderson and Jessica Bride talked about the power behind some of the greatest storytellers of our time - Annie Leibovitz - David Attenborough - Bruce Springsteen - Massimo Vitali - Nate DiMeo - and asked what we can learn from them as content creators.


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